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Why Uptown Laser Hair Removal In Lexington, KY

Keep reading below to learn more about why you should choose Uptown Laser Hair Removal!

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Why Us?

What’s special about Uptown Laser

The fast answer as to “why Uptown” – it’s to bring Lexington world-class laser hair removal quality at affordable pricing. The big corporate giants are the only ones that can get close to the quality that Uptown Laser trained nurses deliver, but the chains are very expensive. They have big corporate overhead that they must cover, and they do this by having to charge lots of money to you.

But you have an affordable option with LOCALLY-OWNED Uptown Laser. 

Nurse Kathy, the owner, knows of the hefty price tag of the chains because she was the clinic manager at both the big chains that do laser hair removal, and who also offer their respective guarantees for permanent results. 

From Sad Memories…

Reminiscing on her time there, Kathy has lamented how excited customers would be to hear there exists a permanent solution to eliminating their unwanted hair. They were overjoyed at the prospect of making their hair anxiety go away, but their dreams were often dashed to pieces when they saw the cost.  For many it was out of reach. Tears would sometimes be shed, and Kathy felt like she was a dream crusher at those times when people left the consultation feeling dejected.

…To Glad Memories

But things are different now! She is thrilled to be able to do something about that, at least for her local community. Uptown Laser, being a locally-owned business, does NOT have the bulky corporate overhead costs like the national chains do, and so she’s able to offer the highest-quality laser hair removal service at dramatically lower prices than the national chains. 

The other options on the market (who typically don’t use nurses for treatments) may offer laser hair removal, but the main thing you should look carefully for is a guarantee of permanent results. This is usually absent, and instead you’ll find packages you can buy year after year.

But you want one package and permanent results, right? But very few offer that. So why choose Uptown Laser? We will get you permanent results, and you don’t have to worry about purchasing package after package, and you don’t have to buy a luxuriously-priced package of unlimited treatments because we are giving you permanent results. There’s no need for excessive treatments with Uptown. We will get you to the goal of smooth skin without the need to shave or wax as soon as can be done. 

We have the expertise and guarantee our results. Kathy is revolutionizing laser hair removal in her hometown.

Skeptics Welcome

Sometimes skeptics come in to see us, but soon realize they are getting the highest-quality, PERMANENT laser hair removal done by highly-trained nurses (with Kathy doing many treatments each week) at a fraction of the cost of the national chains. You can literally save thousands of dollars and get stunning results!

Kathy says she can’t fix the issue of expensive laser hair removal everywhere, but she can do it for her local community where she grew up. Kathy loves to help people change their self-esteem by making their skin smooth again with no unwanted hair!

You are blessed to have a local owner advocating for you! She’s devoted to giving you red-carpet service, and has the valuable and rare expertise of how to treat with the right laser (we use the Candela Gentlemax Pro and Pro Plus) to get permanent results. MOST clinics cannot do this because it’s a matter of know-how. Years of treatments combined with medical knowledge has allowed Kathy to uncover the secrets of laser hair removal success.

So why Uptown Laser Hair Removal? 

To bring you the “big city” laser at “small town” pricing. 

Join our family of happy guests, enjoy your results, and help spread the word!

Our Team Of Experts

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Our team of highly-trained nurses permanently destroy treatable hair on your body. Our mission is to give you radiantly smooth skin anywhere on your body, permanently!

Nurse Kathy

20+ Years Experience

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We are a locally owned and operated Lexington, KY laser hair removal services business with highly-trained nurses in laser hair removal. Our mission is to revolutionize laser hair removal by providing safe, ethical and world-class service at affordable pricing. Our mission is to give you radiantly smooth skin anywhere on your body, permanently!

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