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Our Process

Our Laser Hair Removal Process - Your Journey To Smooth Skin

Laser Hair Removal Process

Keep reading below to learn more about the Uptown Laser Hair Removal process!

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Nurse Kathy has solved the mystery of how to get smooth skin with laser hair removal...

This means once you’ve gone through our proven proprietary treatment process, we have removed your hair PERMANENTLY.  Our typical guest enjoys 95+%  permanent hair reduction. This mean no more shaving! 

Hard-To Find- Expertise

If you’re not acquainted with the laser hair removal industry, you probably do not know that destroying 95+% of your unwanted hair is a rare capability. Most clinics cannot do it. Nurse Kathy herself didn’t know for many years how to do it, and assumed it wasn’t possible. Clinics who can’t do it don’t close up shop, they just do the best they can with the technology and level of expertise they have and sell you repeat packages and never-ending treatments, and welcome you back year after year as a repeat customer. What sets Uptown Laser apart is we do a high quality job and get 95-100% of your hair destroyed as you go step by step through your customized treatment plan. This level of reduction is extremely noteworthy! The national chains can approach Uptown Laser’s quality (Nurse Kathy knows because she worked at the national chains), but their pricing is more than double Uptown Laser’s, due to their large corporate overhead driving their pricing sky high. Shopping local with Uptown Laser saves you time and money!

Watch A Live Treatment

Curious how laser hair removal is performed? Watch the video to see a live treatment performed by Nurse Kathy – 20+ years expereince.

No Need To Settle For Less

A common buzzword that can be confusing is the term “permanent results”. Make sure to confirm the clinic you choose has the expertise to permanently remove not just some of your unwanted hair, but 95-100%. You don’t need to settle for less and keep going back to clinics that sell you repeat packages and treat you year after year. You don’t have to experience the frustration that comes from watching your hair grow back, realizing it had just been stunned. 30% of our patients come from other places who don’t have our level of expertise. They put their trust in the expertise of Uptown Laser’s trained nurses because our nurses know how to get the job done right!

Our Technology

Hair removal lasers have been FDA approved since 1997, but early machines were not able to achieve permanent results. Many of these older lasers are still in practice in our community. At Uptown Laser we use only Candela Gentlemax Pro lasers, which offer:

• Newest gold standard technology

• Safe for ALL skin types

• Uses cooling spray to promote patient comfort

• Advanced settings customizable to your needs

• We are the only clinic in Central Kentucky that has the Candela Gentlemax Pro Plus.
Affordable Brazilian Laser Hair Removal | Uptown Laser

Hard-To Find- Expertise

Sometimes skeptics come in to see us, but soon realize they are getting the highest-quality, PERMANENT laser hair removal done by highly-trained nurses (with Kathy doing many treatments each week) at a fraction of the cost of the national chains. You can literally save thousands of dollars and get stunning results!

Kathy says she can’t fix the issue of expensive laser hair removal everywhere, but she can do it for her local community where she grew up. Kathy loves to help people change their self-esteem by making their skin smooth again with no unwanted hair!

You are blessed to have a local owner advocating for you! She’s devoted to giving you red-carpet service, and has the valuable and rare expertise of how to treat with the right laser (we use the Candela Gentlemax Pro and Pro Plus) to get permanent results. MOST clinics cannot do this because it’s a matter of know-how. Years of treatments combined with medical knowledge has allowed Kathy to uncover the secrets of laser hair removal success.

So why Uptown Laser Hair Removal? 

To bring you the “big city” laser at “small town” pricing. 

Join our family of happy guests, enjoy your results, and help spread the word!

Our Team Of Experts

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Our team of highly-trained nurses permanently destroy treatable hair on your body. Our mission is to give you radiantly smooth skin anywhere on your body, permanently!

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent

Nurse Kathy

20+ Years Experience

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We are a locally owned and operated Lexington, KY laser hair removal services business with highly-trained nurses in laser hair removal. Our mission is to revolutionize laser hair removal by providing safe, ethical and world-class service at affordable pricing. Our mission is to give you radiantly smooth skin anywhere on your body, permanently!

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