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Laser Hair Removal: What to Expect Before and After Care

If you’re considering laser hair removal, it’s important to know the pre and post-care steps. 

Let’s delve into what you can expect before and after the treatment to ensure the best possible results.

Nurse Kathy from Uptown Laser is here to guide us through this journey.

Keep reading below to learn more about the Uptown Laser Hair Removal process!

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Before the Treatment: Preparing Your Skin

Prior to your laser hair removal treatment, there are a few essential steps to follow for optimal results.

  1. Firstly, limit your sun exposure for at least four weeks leading up to the treatment. Sun exposure can contribute to side effects, so it’s crucial to protect your skin.
  2. With advancements in technology, you no longer need to grow out your hair before treatment. Instead, shave the day before or on the day of the procedure.
  3. Ensure that your skin is free from any lotions or deodorants that may interfere with the laser’s effectiveness.
  4. Additionally, inspect your skin for any scabs or breaks, as the laser may react to such areas.

Safety After the Treatment: Post-Care Tips

After your laser hair removal session, it’s essential to take care of your skin for a speedy recovery.


The good news is that most people experience normal skin within 30 minutes to an hour after the treatment. You may notice some redness, but it will subside shortly.


To promote healing…

  1. Avoid anything that increases skin heat, such as hot showers, saunas, or hot tubs, for at least a day after the treatment. 

  1. In terms of skincare products, you can typically continue with your regular routine after the session. Many guests at Uptown Laser even apply makeup immediately after the treatment.

Watch A Live Treatment

Curious how laser hair removal is performed? Watch the video to see a live treatment performed by Nurse Kathy – 20+ years expereince.

The Shedding Period: A Sign of Progress

After the treatment, don’t be alarmed if you don’t immediately notice the results. The laser’s effects take time to manifest.

Between five and 15 days post-treatment, the dead hair will start to shed. You might mistake this shedding for hair growth, but rest assured that it’s just your body eliminating the destroyed hair.

To support the shedding process, gentle exfoliation is beneficial. Use a rough washcloth or a suitable exfoliating cleanser to assist your skin in pushing out the dead hair.

Remember to choose the appropriate exfoliating product for the specific body part you treated.

Embrace the Hair-Free Period

The lasers typically destroy 10% to 15% of the hair each time you get a treatment. Following the shedding period, you’ll enter what we affectionately call the “hair-free period.” During this time, you’ll notice a significant reduction in hair growth, giving you a break from regular shaving. However, it’s important to note that you can’t immediately undergo another laser treatment.

The lasers destroy only a portion of the hair each time, and the remaining hair might temporarily stop growing.

Laser Hair Removal: What to Expect Before and After Care

Complying with Post-Treatment Instructions

The key to achieving excellent results lies in adhering to the post-treatment guidelines provided by your clinic. These instructions are thoughtfully designed to ensure your safety and maximize the effectiveness of the treatment.

In Conclusion: A Smooth Journey

The process of laser hair removal is straightforward and accompanied by simple pre and post-treatment care.

With Nurse Kathy’s expert guidance and advanced Candela lasers, you can embrace a confident, silky-smooth future. So, prepare your skin, follow the instructions diligently, and get ready to enjoy the benefits of laser hair removal—effortlessly smooth skin and a newfound sense of freedom.

So what are you waiting for? Take the leap, and let’s zap those pesky hairs away! Check out our laser hair removal process or learn more about our laser hair removal pricing.

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