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Laser Hair Removal Lexington: Uptown Laser

When it comes to laser hair removal Lexington, three factors can make all the difference: the technology used, the expertise of the professionals administering the treatment, and affordability. Lucky for you, Uptown Laser is here to deliver all three!

Read on to learn more about these important factors before you invest in laser hair removal.

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The Power of Candela Lasers

Precision and Effectiveness: Candela lasers are synonymous with precision and effectiveness in the world of laser hair removal. These state-of-the-art lasers precisely target hair follicles with intense beams of light, effectively disabling them and preventing regrowth. The result? Long-lasting, permanent, hair removal.



Candela lasers are renowned for their versatility. They can effectively treat a wide range of skin types and hair colors, making them suitable for almost everyone. Whether you have fair or dark skin, Candela lasers can provide excellent results.

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Curious how laser hair removal is performed? Watch the video to see a live treatment performed by Nurse Kathy – 20+ years expereince.

The Expertise of Skilled Nurses

Nurse-Led Treatments: At Uptown Laser Hair Removal Lexington, your treatments are led by registered nurses and nurse practitioners. These medical professionals possess in-depth knowledge of skin and hair biology. They can assess your unique needs, adjusting treatment parameters for maximum effectiveness and safety.

Personalized Care: Nurses at Uptown Laser provide personalized care. They take the time to understand your goals and concerns, ensuring that your treatment plan aligns perfectly with your expectations. Their medical background guarantees a higher standard of care throughout your journey.

Affordable Pricing Plans

Flexibility: Uptown Laser believes that everyone should have access to high-quality laser hair removal. Our flexible payment plans start as low as $18 per month, with no credit checks required. This affordability ensures that you can invest in permanent hair removal without breaking the bank.

Cost Savings:

When you choose Uptown Laser, you’re not only investing in a more confident you but also saving significantly in the long run. Traditional hair removal methods like shaving, waxing, or depilatory creams can cost you thousands of dollars over a lifetime. With Uptown Laser’s competitive pricing, you’ll find that achieving permanent hair reduction is more accessible than you ever imagined.

With cutting-edge technology that ensures precision and versatility, highly trained nurses who prioritize your safety and satisfaction, and payment plans that make permanent hair removal affordable for all, Uptown Laser is the obvious choice for those seeking a superior hair removal experience.

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Our team of highly-trained nurses permanently destroy treatable hair on your body. Our mission is to give you radiantly smooth skin anywhere on your body, permanently!

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We are a locally owned and operated Lexington, KY laser hair removal services business with highly-trained nurses in laser hair removal. Our mission is to revolutionize laser hair removal by providing safe, ethical and world-class service at affordable pricing. Our mission is to give you radiantly smooth skin anywhere on your body, permanently!

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