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Laser Hair Removal: Must See! What to Do Before and After

Laser Hair Removal: Must See! What to Do Before and After

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Hey there! It’s Nurse Kathy from Uptown Laser, and I’m going to walk you through what to expect before and after laser hair removal. 

We’re diving into how to prepare your skin for treatment and the steps you should take afterward for those amazing, long-lasting results, and to prevent any injury, so keep reading.

Prepping Your Skin and Hair for Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Sun Exposure: First things first, let’s talk about getting your skin ready before your laser hair removal session. It’s crucial to avoid sun exposure for at least four weeks leading up to your treatment. Sun exposure can cause side effects, and we definitely want to keep your skin safe.

Hair Growth: No more growing out your hair before treatment! With today’s top-notch laser technology, you can actually shave the day before or on the day of your session. But remember, come in with clean skin, free from any lotions, makeup or deodorants that the laser might react to.

Broken Skin: Give your skin a quick check for any scabs, injuries or skin breaks. Laser treatments don’t go well with those areas, so make sure your skin is smooth and intact.

After Your Treatment: Recovery Tips

After your laser hair removal session, you’ll probably notice a bit of redness, but that’s entirely normal and temporary. Most people have completely normal-looking skin within 30 minutes to an hour after the treatment.

What to avoid: To help your skin heal and feel its best, avoid anything that increases skin heat, like hot showers, saunas, or hot tubs, for at least a day after treatment.

What you can do: When it comes to skincare products, feel free to stick with your regular routine, and yes, you can even apply makeup right after the treatment.

The Shedding Period: What to Expect

Now, here’s the fascinating part. Somewhere between five and 15 days post-treatment, the dead hair will start to shed. Don’t worry; this is just your body pushing out the destroyed hair follicles! You won’t see immediate results because it takes time for the laser’s effects to show. 

To assist this shedding process, gentle exfoliation works wonders. You can use a rough washcloth or a suitable exfoliating cleanser designed for the treated body part. Remember, different areas need different products.

After this shedding period, you’ll enter the “hair-free period.” The lasers destroy a portion of the hair each time, giving you a break from regular shaving. But please note that you can’t immediately have another laser treatment because the remaining hair might temporarily stop growing.

Following Post-Treatment Instructions

The key to excellent results lies in following the post-treatment guidelines from your clinic diligently. These instructions are designed to ensure your safety and maximize the effectiveness of the treatment. Trust me, they’re worth it!

So there you have it, a clear roadmap for what to expect before and after your laser hair removal sessions.

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