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We are LOCALLY-OWNED and aren’t burdened by massive corporate overhead costs like call centers and corporate HQ staffing and more. Being locally-owned translates into big savings for you. Our owner, Nurse Kathy from Lexington, passionately fulfills her mission of bringing you the big city laser (and trained nurses) at small-town pricing. This is her gift to her hometown of Lexington!

Unlimited Packages (Paying for what you DON’T need)

Though it sounds great and is profitable for the business, we don’t sell UNLIMITED packages. Why not? Let’s think about this together. If a laser hair removal clinic promises permanent results and says you’ll need 7 – 9 treatments, why would they sell a super expensive unlimited package? ‘Permanent results’ means your existing hair is destroyed and won’t come back, so you’re done! That’s what Uptown Laser means by getting you permanent results. After you go through our process, you’re done, and we share in your joy of achieving the smooth skin you always wanted.

Now if your body grows new hair down the road due to hormonal changes, for example, that’s when you would need a touch-up treatment. Understanding this, you see why it’s a very costly economic decision for you to buy an expensive “unlimited” package and a wise decision to only pay a small co-pay for what you need when you need it. True, it’s good economics for those clinics selling you a high-cost service they won’t have to provide you, assuming they have nurses capable of getting permanent results.

Uptown Laser’s highly trained nurses do permanent work. So if we sold you an “unlimited package”, we’d be selling you something you don’t need. With the superior results we get, it would be unjustified and inappropriate to sell you an unlimited package.

A Better Idea: Pay Only for What You Need

The majority of our guests are done, meaning their existing hair is gone FOREVER after their customized treatments are completed. Nurse Kathy came up with a better idea that puts YOU first. She made world-class quality laser affordable for most everyone with this idea:

Instead of an unnecessary unlimited package, Uptown Laser only sells you what you need. If you (and you may not) ever need a touch-up, then you’ll simply pay a nominal co-pay that is pennies on the dollar compared to the astronomically-priced unlimited package you’ll find elsewhere.

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We are a locally owned and operated Lexington, KY laser hair removal services business with highly-trained nurses in laser hair removal. Our mission is to revolutionize laser hair removal by providing safe, ethical and world-class service at affordable pricing. Our mission is to give you radiantly smooth skin anywhere on your body, permanently!

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